Company was established in 2009 for the purpose of development of designing activities, consulting, executing of electrical, industrial and constructional projects. This company has commenced activities with a group of managers and staffs of electrical industry and on the basis of their own knowledge, experience and executed background with the purpose of preparing to suitable field to perform designing activities with high quality. And takingstep seriously with using the facilities and potential for answering to customers (consultants and employers) expects in order to serve to electrical industry and reduce the countries demand to foreign countries.

Scope of Works :

  1. Performance of EPC Project of substation & HV lines in all voltage levels
  2. Offering Services & consulting in the field of providing electric of industrial centers & industries
  3. Design of scada system, Automation (DCS), PLC of electrical lines & dispatching centers
  4. Design  & preparation of executed schematics of commerical, official & habitable towers and industrial buildings
  5. Implementation of constructional activities for all projects
  6. Installation, test and commissioning for all Industrial & Electrical Projects
  7. Supply and Providing Electrical Panel (Control, Protection, Scada, Distributed and AC/DC)


  1. more than 100 executive and technical engineers in the field of electrical, telecommunication and civil
  2. 500 m2 suitable space of central office and 1000 m2 workshop
  3. DCS Laboratory equipped with advanced equipment’s for test and simulation fat test
  4. Machinery, Equipment’s and executive working group in the field of constractieng  activities, installation, test and commisioning

Since shortly after the establishment of NNC, commenced their factory with the benefit specialist, efficient & experienced and hardware & software facilities of the world. This factory was founded with the purpose of produce panels with high quality and according to request of employers and now, has ability of produce Control, Protection, Scada and AC&DC Distributed Panels and until now have surrendered panels made of this company to employers in different projects.


  1. Membership of Iran Electrical Industry Syndicate
  2. Certificate of Engineering Services from department of industries and mines
  3. Membership of Esfahan Engineering services